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Latest News

Welcome to our new website!

It's amazing what ideas can develop when you're driving down the M6 on the way home from a gig at 3 in the morning.....

On one particular journey back from Scotland in October, we started talking about how we really needed a new website - something we've been considering for a long time. Given that our original site was only supposed to be temporary, it's done us proud over the last ten years but it was definitely time for an upgrade! But while we've talked about it before, this time the conversation went a bit further and we started actually planning what we would want, how it should look and whether we could get it done in time to hit our big ten year mark! So, a few weeks, hundreds more motorway miles and many, many sleepless nights later, here we are!

There's quite a few features that we didn't have on our old site so make sure you have a look around. This has been designed and built entirely in house and we are by no means experts, so if you find any issues then please let us know.

'Decade of Destruction' special edition T-shirt now available for pre-order

To celebrate our 10th year of the band, we have decided to release a special anniversary t-shirt to mark the occasion! You can read more about it and order from our store page.

Here is the 'Decade of Destruction' design:

'Decade of Destruction' special edition anniversary T-shirt

Drop us a message with our new contact form

We now have a brand new contact form which you will find on our contact page.

Want to tell us what you thought of one of our gigs? Have a question about something? Or a suggestion? Just want to say hi?

That's all cool, we'd love to hear from you and you can now do it all directly through the website!